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Politics Resources on the Internet


Examination Board

The following link is especially valuable in that it offers free syllabus specifications, mock exam questions and exemplar material as well as e-mail addresses for direct contacts.

A Level            www.edexcel.org.uk


Other useful website addresses:

Conservative Party              www.conservative-party.org.uk

Labour Party                       www.labour.org.uk

Liberal Democrats               www.libdems.org.uk

Scottish National Party        www.snp.html.org.uk

Plaid Cmyru                        www.plaid-cmyru.org

Green Party                         www.greenparty.org.uk

The United Nations              www.un.org

The European Union            www.europa.eu.int

The European Commission (UK Office)    www.cec.org.uk

The European Parliament (UK Office)        www.europarl.eu.int/

The European Union (search engine)        www.gksoft.com/govt/en/eu.html

Centre for Citizenship studies in Education    www.citizenship.org.uk

UK Political news service    www.YouGov.com

BBC News                         www.bbc.co.uk/news

Parliament                           www.parliament.uk

Government web-site          www.open.gov.uk/index.htm

Cabinet Office                    www.cabinet-office.gov.uk

Home Office                       www.homeoffice.gov.uk

10 Downing Street              www.number-10.gov.uk/index.htme

Hansard Society                 www.hansard-society.org.uk

The Constitution Unit           www.ucl.ac.uk/constitution-unit

Fabian Society                    www.fabian-society.org.uk

Federal Trust                      www.fedtrust.co.uk

Charter 88                        www.charter88.org.uk

Amensty International        www.amnesty.org

Greenpeace International    www.greenpeace.org

The Politics Association    www.politics-association.co.uk

Electoral Reform Society    www.electoral-reform.org.uk

Trades Union Congress    www.tuc.org.uk

Parliament televised            www.parliamentlive.tv

Congress televised            www.c-span.org