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Chemistry tutorials take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4pm in the department.

AS in Lower Sixth

In L6th students are taught the AS Chemistry course. At the end of the year it is possible to sit AS exams and conclude their study of the subject. Most students will carry on studying the subject in the second year to obtain the full A level.

Physical Chemistry

This module explores the fundamental principles that form the basis of Chemistry. Topics include Atomic Structure, Amount of Substance, Bonding  and an introduction to Kinetics, Energetics and Redox.

Organic Chemistry

These topics build on the introduction to organic chemistry gained at GCSE. They include  Alkanes, Alkenes,  Alcohols and some Spectroscopic Techniques.

Inorganic Chemistry

Topics covered include Periodicity, Group 7: The Halogens and Group 2: The Alkaline Earth Metals,

Whilst much practical chemistry will be undertaken during the year, there are 6 practicals which are of particular importance and a knowledge and understanding of the techniques and apparatus will be examined in the written papers in June.

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