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Chemistry tutorials take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4pm in the department.

Each year the RSC organise the selection of the UK team for this exciting competition. The successful students go on to take part in an international final. The selection process is open to all post-16 students and at BCS we encourage entries from Lower and Upper Sixth students. The competition starts with Round I - a challenging written test of chemical knowledge, and quite an event in itself! Gold, silver and bronze certificates are awarded.

The questions posed in Round I often stimulate much debate on, and enthusiasm for, chemistry - raising awareness of what the subject is all about. Tackling the Round I paper also provides a good opportunity to develop some of the skills required for study at university and beyond. Students will sit the Round 1 paper late January 2013. The RSC Olympiad Selection Committee will select the top-performing students from Round 1 to participate in the Round 2 selection weekend. This weekend combines both theoretical and practical testing to select 4 students to represent the UK in the final. Some Round I papers are available below.






Chemistry Olympiad

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